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Paper: Studying Evolution of the Galactic Potential and Halo Streamers with Future Astrometric Satellites
Volume: 165, The Third Stromlo Symposium: The Galactic Halo
Page: 130
Authors: Zhao, Hongsheng; Johnston, Kathryn V.; Spergel, David N.; Hernquist, Lars
Abstract: Future astrometric satellites, such as SIM (NASA's Space Interferometric Mission) and GAIA (ESA's Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics), hold the promise of mapping out the detailed phase space structure of the Galactic halo by providing unprecedented annual proper motion and parallax of 1-10 muas astrometric accuracy. In this paper, we show that tidal debris torn from Galactic satellites in the halo is sensitive to the current Galactic potential and its past evolution. This suggests that SIM and GAIA measurements of debris stars might be used to probe both Galactic structure and Galactic history.
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