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Paper: Continuum and Line emission from Post-shock Flows
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 325
Authors: Cropper, Mark; Wu, Kinwah; Ramsay, Gavin
Abstract: The post-shock flow in the accretion region of MCVs is considered to be a magnetically confined cooling flow. The X-ray spectrum from this hot plasma is emitted from a range of temperatures and densities. Extracting information from such spectra obtained with the next generation of X-ray satellites will rely on models for the structure of this flow which include appropriate treatment of the cooling mechanisms, boundary conditions and of absorptions and reflection components. This paper summarises the current situation and explores some of the difficulties arising in the exploitation of the line emission from these systems. It concludes by looking at improvements to the models now in the pipeline.
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