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Paper: RX J2115-5840: Confirmation of a new Near-synchronous Polar
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 227
Authors: Ramsay, Gavin; Buckley, David; Cropper, Mark; Harrop-Allin, M. Kate
Abstract: Schwope et al. (1997) suggested that the newly discovered polar RX J2115-5840 is a near-synchronous system. We have obtained circular polarisation observations of RX J2115-5840 which show that the spin and orbital periods differ by 1.2%. We find the first direct evidence of `pole-switching' in a near-synchronous polar. Further our data require that the accretion flow must be directed onto the same magnetic field line at all spin-orbit beat phases, implying that at some phases the flow must follow a path around the white dwarf before accreting.
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