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Paper: Accretion in High Magnetic Fields: The Accretion SPOT
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 195
Authors: Szkody, Paula; Vennes, Stephane; Wagner, R. Mark; Hastings, Camron
Abstract: The EUVE, RXTE and ASCA satellites probe the energy balance and the mode of heating in magnetic CVs through direct observation of the accretion shocks and the corresponding heated areas on the white dwarfs. We present data on 3 systems with large soft X-ray excesses (V1309 Ori, V884 Her and AR UMa). The longest period, optically-eclipsing AM Her system V1309 Ori shows a surprising lack of an eclipse in hard X-ray, although the very low count rate and possible contamination by another source may affect this result. Multi-wavelength light curves of the highest magnetic field systems V884 Her and AR UMa are very different due to geometry and absorption effects. The bright phase EUVE spectra of AR UMa are not well fit by a simple black body or white dwarf atmosphere and imply that irradiation effects may be important. In general, the temperature of the heated areas of AM Hers are surprisingly similar, while the sizes are smaller in the highest field systems.
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