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Paper: Rapid Variability in the FUV Spectrum of AM Herculis
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 169
Authors: Greeley, B. W.; Blair, W. P.; Long, K. S.; Raymond, J. C.
Abstract: We obtained phase resolved spectra of AM Her in the 912-1860 AA spectral region during the Astro-2 space shuttle mission in 1995 March. Three observations were made covering phases phi = 0.97-0.26, 0.50-0.66, and 0.67-0.81 of the 186 minute orbital period. The data were accumulated in 2-second intervals, enabling an investigation of the short term variability. The FUV continuum varies by as much as 50% on timescales of order 10 s and the line flux variations are correlated with the continuum flux variations, with narrow line emission produced on the face of the secondary star when the continuum flux increases. The luminosity of the flares requires a clump filling factor less than 0.002.
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