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Paper: High spectral and time resolution observations of the eclipsing polar RX J0719.2+6557
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 133
Authors: Tovmassian, G. H.; Szkody, P.; Greiner, J.; Vrielmann, S.; Kroll, P.; Howell, S.; Saxton, R.; Ciardi, D.; Mason, P. A.; Hastings, N. C.
Abstract: We present phase-resolved spectral and multicolor CCD-photometric observations of the eclipsing polar RX J0719.2+6557, obtained with a relatively high time and spectral resolution when the system was in a high accretion state. The trailed spectrograms clearly reveal the presence of three different line components with different width and radial velocity variations. The Balmer emission lines, as well as the higher excitation He II line, contain significant contributions from the X/UV-illuminated hemisphere of the companion star. We were able to resolve all three components by line deblending, and by means of Doppler tomography were able to unambiguously identify the emission components with the secondary star, the ballistic part of the accretion stream and the magnetically funnelled part of the stream. The light curves and eclipse profiles provide additional information about the system geometry.
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