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Paper: Emission Line Mapping in Polars
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 87
Authors: Sohl, Keith; Wynn, Graham
Abstract: Phase-resolved spectroscopy of optical emission lines is the most direct observational method for studying the accretion stream in AM Her systems. A new approach to constraining the location and properties of such line emission is presented here. Phase-resolved spectra are modelled using a maximum entropy method and a genetic algorithm to optimise the brightness distribution of a stream trajectory model. By employing a physically plausible model for the accretion flow, this allows the location of the line emission regions within the system to be determined explicitly, i.e. independent of any preconceived ideas about the velocity structure of a stream in an AM Her. This technique has been used to fit the three emission components within the He II line of HU Aqr. In this paper we outline the basics of the stream model and optimisation algorithm, present some initial fitting results, and indicate the likely course of future work..
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