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Paper: Optical spectroscopy of the intermediate polar RX J1238-38:evidence for disc overflow?
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 57
Authors: Allan, Alasdair; Hellier, Coel; Buckley, David A. H.
Abstract: We present optical spectroscopy of the recently discovered intermediate polar RX J1238-38. These data are dominated by modulation at the proposed spin and orbital periods. There is no evidence for a modulation at the 2(omega - Omega) period seen in the infrared. The spin modulated emission is similar to that seen in EX Hya, with emission being seen from both poles. The orbital modulation shows a rotational disturbance which we interpret as an eclipse of the accretion disc by the secondary star. The phasing of the orbital S-wave indicates that it may originate from material overflowing the initial impact with the accretion disc and re-impacting later. We note RX J1238-38's similarity to EX Hya, which has also shown evidence for disc overflow.
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