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Paper: Eclipsing Binaries in Open Clusters. I. V615 Per and V618 Per in h Persei
Volume: 318, Spectroscopically and Spatially Resolving the Components of Close Binary Stars
Page: 218
Authors: Southworth, J.; Maxted, P.F.L.; Smalley, B.
Abstract: Accurate physical parameters have been determined for two early-type detached eclipsing binaries in the open cluster h Persei (NGC 869). Masses accurate to 1.5% are derived from high-resolution spectroscopy and radii accurate to 4-6% have been obtained from fitting the existing light curves. The four stars are placed in the mass-radius plane and compared to the theoretical stellar models of the Granada Group. The best-fitting models have a low metallicity of Z ≈ 0.01 and a high helium abundance of Y = 0.34. This is the first determination of the bulk metallicity of the Perseus Double Cluster. Recent studies have assumed a solar metallicity so their results should be reviewed.
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