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Paper: Period Study of the Contact Binary AW UMa
Volume: 335, The Light-Time Effect in Astrophysics: Causes and Cures of the O - C diagram
Page: 251
Authors: Rovithis-Livaniou, H.; Tsantilas, S.; Kalimeris, A.; Rovithis, P.; Djurasevic, G.; Voloshina, I.
Abstract: The orbital period changes of the contact binary AW UMa are investigated, and a secular period decrease of the order of −2.0 × 10−2 s y−1 was detected. It was found that the wave-like shape of the observed period changes of AW UMa can be fitted either with one sinusoidal periodic term of 29 y with amplitude 1.25 × 10−6d, or they could be the result of multiple periodic terms. The latter might not be real, as they correspond to the time interval for which observational data exist as well as to its sub-multiplicities. This might explain the different periodicities proposed up to now for the AW UMa by various investigators, and certainly more data are needed to get reliable results.
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