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Paper: Period Changes in the Algol System XX Cephei
Volume: 335, The Light-Time Effect in Astrophysics: Causes and Cures of the O - C diagram
Page: 235
Authors: Angione, R.J.; Sievers, J.R.
Abstract: The XX Cephei system is known to have a variable period. From analysis of both the period and the light curve we found no support for apsidal motion. The period changes could be either (1) episodic, or (2) a long-term period change in conjuction with light-time effect. Spectroscopic analysis showed no evidence of active mass transfer. Our photometric solution, using the Wilson- Devinney modeling program, showed the system to be a typical Algol configuration with a small mass ratio. We determined the masses and radii, in solar units, to be M1 = 1.70, M2 = 0.29, R1 = 1.99, R2 = 2.23, and the temperatures to be T1 = 8500 K, T2 = 4555 K.
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