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Paper: The Blazhko Project: Joint Efforts in Solving a Century-old Problem
Volume: 335, The Light-Time Effect in Astrophysics: Causes and Cures of the O - C diagram
Page: 95
Authors: Kolenberg, K.
Abstract: Almost a century after its discovery, the phenomenon of amplitude and/or phase modulation, observed in a large percentage of the RR Lyrae stars, still lacks widely acceptable theoretical understanding. Recent attempts to theoretically explain the effect focus on two alternatives: the magnetic models and the resonances models, both involving the presence of nonradial pulsation components.

In this paper the Blazhko Project is presented, a larger international collaboration focused on understanding the Blazhko effect. The aim of the project is to combine spectroscopic and photometric data from a sample of well-selected Blazhko and non-Blazhko stars, in order to reveal crucial information on the physical mechanism responsible for the modulation.

The possible key to the century-old Blazhko puzzle lies in the detailed study of the line profile variations (LPV) over the pulsation and Blazhko cycle. We briefly discuss the methodology of the project.

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