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Paper: The Cluster M/L Ratio and the Value of ­Ωm
Volume: 329, Nearby Large-Scale Structures and the Zone of Avoidance
Page: 289
Authors: Andernach, H.; Plionis, M.; Lopez-Cruz, O.; Tago, E.; Basilakos, S.
Abstract: From an up-to-date compilation of ACO cluster redshifts and velocity dispersions we extract a homogeneous sample of 459 clusters with robust velocity dispersion. Using the virial theorem to estimate cluster masses, and a correlation between Abell galaxy counts and R-band luminosity, we find a median M/LR ≈ 174 h50 MSolar/LSolar. However, if we correct the virial masses according to the X-ray vs. virial mass correlation, as derived from our analysis, we obtain M/LR ≈ 100 h50 MSolar/LSolar. These two values of M/L imply a mass content of the Universe of Ωm ≈ 0.26 and 0.15, respectively.
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