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Paper: Redshifts and Distribution of ACO Clusters of Galaxies
Volume: 329, Nearby Large-Scale Structures and the Zone of Avoidance
Page: 283
Authors: Andernach, H.; Tago, E.; Einasto, M.; Einasto, J.; Jaaniste, J.
Abstract: The June 2004 version of our compilation of measured redshifts for clusters in the Abell-ACO catalogue lists redshifts for 3715 clusters/subclusters in 3033 distinct (2396 A- and 637 S-) clusters, 67 percent of these with Nz ≥ 3 galaxies measured. We provide velocity dispersions (σV) for 1875 (sub)clusters towards 1353 unique ACO clusters. The median σV is 650 km s−1 for A-(sub)clusters and 575 km s−1 for S-(sub)clusters, and σV clearly increases with both, Nz and richness, and also, somewhat surprising, with later Bautz-Morgan type of the clusters. We show examples of supercluster properties based on these data.
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