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Paper: Catalogue of Nearby Galaxies and the Local Cosmic Web
Volume: 329, Nearby Large-Scale Structures and the Zone of Avoidance
Page: 255
Authors: Karachentsev, I.D.; Makarov, D.I.; Karachentseva, V.E.; Huchtmeier, W.K.
Abstract: We compiled an all-sky catalogue of 451 nearby galaxies, each having an individual distance estimate D ≤ 10 Mpc or the radial velocity VLG < 550 km s−1. The catalogue contains data on basic optical and HI properties of the galaxies: their diameters, absolute magnitudes, morphological types, optical and HI surface brightnesses, rotational velocities, indicative mass-to-luminosity and HI mass-to-luminosity ratios, as well as a so-called "tidal index", which quantifies the galaxy environment. We expect the catalogue completeness to be ~ 75 per cent within 8 Mpc. About 85 per cent of the Local volume population are dwarf (dIrr, dIm, dSph) galaxies with MB > −17.0, which contribute about 4 percent to the local luminosity density, and ~ (10 - 16) percent to the local HI mass density.

We found that the mean local baryon density Ωb(< 8 Mpc) = 2.3 percent consists of only a half of the global baryon density, Ωb = (4.7 ± 0.6) percent (Spergel et al. 2003). The mean-square pairwise difference of radial velocities is about 100 km s−1 for spatial separations within 1 Mpc, increasing to ~ 300 km s−1 on a scale of ~ 3 Mpc.

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