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Paper: Percolation Properties of Nearby Large-Scale Structures: Every Galaxy has a Neighbour
Volume: 329, Nearby Large-Scale Structures and the Zone of Avoidance
Page: 229
Authors: Fairall, A.P.; Turner, D.; Pretorius, M.L.; Wiehahn, M.; McBride, V.; de Vaux, G.; Woudt, P.A.
Abstract: The distribution of nearby (cz < 7500 km s−1) galaxies has been explored by minimal spanning trees; allowance has been made for the drastic decrease of data with distance. The investigation finds that all galaxies are members of irregular elongated large-scale structures; there are no 'field galaxies'. Based on our local large-scale structure, every galaxy appears to have a neighbouring galaxy within <100 km s−1 (1.4 h−170 Mpc) of redshift space, and thereby all galaxies are found to lie in filaments or tree configurations.

Every large-scale structure appears to have a neighbouring large-scale structure within <700 km s−1 (10 h−170 Mpc), such that large-scale structures interconnect to form a continuous labyrinth.

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