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Paper: Total Opacity of Local Group Galaxies and Large-Scale Structure Behind the Galactic Bulge
Volume: 329, Nearby Large-Scale Structures and the Zone of Avoidance
Page: 103
Authors: Gonzalez, R.A.; Holwerda, B.; Loinard, L.; Allen, R.J.; Muller, S.
Abstract: Recently, we have developed and calibrated the Synthetic Field Method to derive the total extinction through disk galaxies. The method is based on the number counts and colours of distant background field galaxies that can be seen through the foreground object. Here, we investigate how large (10-m) and very large (20 to 30-m), diffraction-limited, optical and infrared telescopes in space would improve the detection of background galaxies behind Local Group objects, including the Galactic bulge. We find that, besides and perhaps more important than telescope size, a well-behaved, well-characterized PSF would facilitate in general the detection of faint objects in crowded fields, and greatly benefit several other important research areas, like the search for extrasolar planets, the study of quasar hosts and, most relevant for this meeting, the surveying of nearby large-scale structure in the Zone of Avoidance, in particular behind the Galactic bulge.
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