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Paper: LWS continuum measurements of the cloud core B335
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 382
Authors: Larsson, Bengt
Abstract: During LWS Guaranteed Time observations the dark cloud core B335 has been mapped. Full grating spectra (~45 - 190 microns) have been obtained over a region of nearly 12' times 5'. This map contains the ~2' Bok globule and the EW-oriented CO outflow, extending far beyond regions of strong visual extinction. From spectral fits to these observations the temperature and the column density distributions of the emitting dust have been determined. Our results compare well with those determined at other wavelengths for the inner regions of the core, both regarding the dust and the molecular gas components. In the outer envelope, the column densities derived from dust and gas measurements diverge significantly, however. A possible reason for this observed high gas-to-dust mass ratio (1000 to 3000) is grain destruction in shocks due to the bipolar outflow.
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