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Paper: Search for Protostars in the rho Ophiuchi Star Forming Region with the ISO PHOT
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 370
Authors: Kamazaki, T.; Sunada, K.; Saito, M.; Tamura, M.; Memoto, T.; Oasa, Y.; Kitamura, Y.
Abstract: We observed dense cores in the rho Ophiuchi star forming region at lambda = 12, 25, 50, 105 and 180 microns using the ISO PHOT. These cores are identified by our observations of c18o(J=1-0) line and htcop(J=1-0) line with the Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO) 45m telescope. Our 45m telescope observations cover the entire L1688 cloud (the rho Ophiuchi main region). Therefore, we observed essentially all dense cores with the ISO PHOT. As a preliminary result, (a) we estimated the RMS noise level of 7.4 and 7.7 MJysr for lambda = 105 and 180 microns, respectively, (b) we estimated the differences of response between the pixels, (c) we detected several FIR sources which correspond to the dense cores identified with the 45m telescope, and (d) we detected FIR emission corresponding to several IRAS sources in the roph B region.
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