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Paper: ISO Observations of Starless BOK Globules: Usually No Embedded Stars
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 334
Authors: Clemens, D.; Byrne, A.; Yun, J. L.; Kane, B.
Abstract: We have used ISOCAM to search the cores of a sample of small Bok globules previously classified to be mostly starless based on analysis of IRAS data. The ISO observations at 6.75 microns (LW2 filter) and 14.5 microns (LW3 filter) were sufficiently deep to enable detection of any low-mass hydrogen burning star or young stellar object (YSO) embedded in these globules. Of the 20 Bok globules observed by ISOCAM to date, we have reduced the data for 14. Of these, 13 show no evidence for faint red (S nu (LW3) > S nu (LW2)) stars missed by IRAS. One (CB68) does show the first mid-infrared detection of the very cool IRAS source toward this cloud, and may be a Class I or 0 YSO. We conclude, based on these new ISO observations, that Bok globules which have no IRAS sources are in general bona fide starless molecular clouds.
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