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Paper: LWS Observations of Pre Main Sequence Objects
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 233
Authors: Saraceno, P.; Nisini, B.; Benedettini, M.; Ceccarelli, C.; di Giorgio, A. M.; Giannini, T.; Molinari, S.; Spinogl, L.; Clegg, P. E.; Correia, J. C.; Griffin, M. J.; Leeks, S. J.; White, G. J.; Caux, E.; Lorenzetti, D.; Tommasi, E.; Liseau, R.; Smith, H. A.
Abstract: We review the first results of a 45-190 microns spectroscopic study of a sample of Class 0,~~Class I, ~~Class II (Herbig Ae/Be) and Herbig-Haro objects. In the observed Class 0, Class I and HH objects J shocks can account for the [OI] observed intensity, while for Ae/Be stars the [OI] emission is mainly due to the presence of photodissociation region. For some Class 0 and Class I sources, high-J CO transitions are the dominant FIR coolants, indicating the additional presence of C shocks. In these sources the H_2O cooling is significantly less than that predicted by models. Finally, evidence is seen for [OI] 63 microns self-absorption in all the Class I and the Class II objects of the sample.
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