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Paper: The Pivotal Onset of Protostellar Collapse: ISO's View and Complementary Observations
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 189
Authors: Wiesemeyer, H.; Gusten, R.; Cox, P.; Zylka, R.; Wright, M. C. H.
Abstract: We present {sc iso} observations of cloud cores in a stage of early accretion onto a central hydrostatic object. In order to study this pivotal phase of the dynamical protostellar collapse, we performed mid-{sc ir} imaging using the {sc isocam} {sc lw} array, and far-{sc ir} photometry with the {sc isophot} {sc pht-p} and {sc pht-c} sub-instruments towards extreme Class 0} objects in globular filament GF 9 (L 1082). With {sc isocam}, we detected the central accreting objects. {sc isophot} allowed for the identification of an extremely cold (~10 K) core. Complementary spectroscopic and continuum studies at lambda1.3 mm and 3 mm remove part of the remaining ambiguities.
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