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Paper: The Large-Scale Distribution of Dark and Luminous Matter
Volume: 329, Nearby Large-Scale Structures and the Zone of Avoidance
Page: 39
Authors: Hudson, M.
Abstract: We discuss results from recent peculiar velocity surveys and show the surveys are consistent with each other, once one allows for sparse sampling. The combined peculiar velocity dataset covers a volume ~ 120h−1100 Mpc in radius and has a bulk flow of 350±80 (random) ±100 (sampling) km s−1. The depth and amplitude of the bulk flow suggest that a significant fraction of the Local Group's CMB-frame peculiar velocity arises from sources at large scales. We find that the large-scale structures traced by IRAS galaxies in the PSCz redshift survey can account for some but not all of this large-scale bulk flow component. It is possible that PSCz underestimates the influence of structures such as the Shapley Concentration or is missing significant structures either in the ZoA or beyond 200 h−1100 Mpc. We briefly describe the NOAO Fundamental Plane peculiar velocity survey which is expected to shed light on these issues.
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