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Paper: ISO Study of the Recombination Line Maser Star MWC 349
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 107
Authors: Thum, C.; Martin-Pintado, J.; Quirrenbach, A.; Matthews, H. E.
Abstract: We present results from full wavelength range scans with both ISO spectrometers. All hydrogen recombination alpha--transitions in their bandpass, from Br alpha at 4.05mu to H15 alpha at 169.4mu, have been detected, along with the continuous emission of the hot circumstellar dust around this peculiar massive star and a wealth of other spectral features. While the alpha--lines n less than 6 are optically thick and thermalized, the higher n lines are amplified, and thus constitute infrared lasers. We present the first global view on the laser/maser phenomenon in this star and infer that the maximum line--integrated amplification (about a factor 30) occurs near n=19 (300mu). We also give a summary of the more than 150 spectral features detected by ISO which originate in several physically distinct circumstellar regions.
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