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Paper: A model for the ring galaxy VV330
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 95
Authors: Curir, A.; Mazzei, P.; Bonoli, C.
Abstract: Starburst galaxies are often members of interacting systems however the large spread in their dynamical and physical conditions complicate our understanding of the overall effects of the interaction. Ring galaxies are a peculiar class of these systems since dynamical conditions for the onset of the burst are generally well understood. These systems are indeed spirals where a burst of star formation is triggered by a close encounter with a companion. New long wavelenght ISOPHOT data for VV330, a ring galaxy previously observed by one of us (C.B.) in BVRI and detected by IRAS at 60 and 100 micron, allow us to analyse the shape of its overall SED, which is now extending from B up to 200 micron.
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