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Paper: Dust distribution in compact H II regions: an ISO view
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 30
Authors: Zavagno, A.
Abstract: In order to study the properties of the unidentified IR band (UIRB) carriers, we decided to look at the distribution of these dust bands in a well-known physical environment, using the ISO-CAMera. Five compact H ii regions have been selected (Sh 61, Sh 138, Sh 152, Sh 156, Sh 186). Complementary programs such as near-IR imaging and study of the extended red emission (ERE) are going on, to better analyse the ISO-CAM data and look at the relation between ERE and UIRBs. Combining all these observations, we will obtain a new overview of the dust characteristics in the environment of compact H ii regions. We present here the first ISO-CAM results obtained for the compact H ii region Sh 138.
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