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Paper: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Strong Gravitational Lensing in Cosmology
Volume: 126, From Quantum Fluctuations to Cosmological Structures
Page: 453
Authors: Valls-Gabaud, D.
Abstract: This Chapter presents a brief overview of the main concepts required to understand phenomena associated with strong gravitational lensing, from the formation of multiple images of distant quasars to the microlensing of stars within the Galaxy, and from the arcs in clusters of galaxies to the determination of Hubble's parameter. After a brief history of the subject, the general relativistic calculation of the deflection is derived, followed by a short primer on image formation by macrolenses. Gravitational microlensing in the Galaxy is then briefly reviewed. The effectiveness of the gravitational deflection of light emerges as an ideal diagnostic tool to map the mass distributions in the universe.
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