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Paper: Fitting and Modeling in the ASC Data Analysis Environment
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 492
Authors: Doe, S.; Siemiginowska, A.; Joye, W.; McDowell, J.
Abstract: As part of the AXAF Science Center (ASC) Data Analysis Environment, we will provide to the astronomical community a Fitting Application. We present a design of the application in this paper. Our design goal is to give the user the flexibility to use a variety of optimization techniques (Levenberg-Marquardt, maximum entropy, Monte Carlo, Powell, downhill simplex, CERN-Minuit, and simulated annealing) and fit statistics (chi (2) , Cash, variance, and maximum likelihood); our modular design allows the user easily to add their own optimization techniques and/or fit statistics. We also present a comparison of the optimization techniques to be provided by the Application. The high spatial and spectral resolutions that will be obtained with AXAF instruments require a sophisticated data modeling capability. We will provide not only a suite of astronomical spatial and spectral source models, but also the capability of combining these models into source models of up to four data dimensions (i.e., into source functions f(E,x,y,t)). We will also provide tools to create instrument response models appropriate for each observation.
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