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Paper: The AXAF Science Center Performance Prediction and Calibration Simulator
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 481
Authors: Zacher, R. A.; Mackay, A. H.; McNamara, B. R.; David, L. P.
Abstract: We are developing and integrating software to simulate the focal plane detectors, shutters, and gratings for the Advanced X-ray Astrophysical Facility (AXAF). AXAF is one of four observatories in the NASA ``Great Observatory'' series, scheduled for launch in 1998. AXAF will offer unprecedented spatial and spectral resolution in the X-ray band ranging from 0.1--10keV\@. The path of X-ray photons is simulated from the exit of the telescope mirrors to the focal plane. Each major functional element of the simulation is represented by an independent module. Module execution and inter-module communication is accomplished within a pipeline architecture. The software is written in C/UNIX and utilizes a number of existing astronomical software libraries. Detailed models are being developed for the two focal plane instruments. These instruments are ACIS, which is a CCD camera, and HRC, which is a microchannel plate detector. Realistic detector output files are generated in a variety of formats. The simulations are currently being used for planning calibration activities, on-orbit performance prediction and for testing the analysis and telemetry software.
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