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Paper: The Data Handling System for the NOAO Mosaic
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 451
Authors: Tody, Doug
Abstract: This paper presents the data handling system being built for the NOAO Mosaic by the IRAF group at NOAO\@. This system consists of a Data Capture Agent which assembles and saves the disk images, a Real Time Display and Mosaic viewer used to view the very large (134MB) Mosaic images during and after readout, and IRAF software for CCD processing, quick look, and general data interaction. The system architecture is based on general message bus and distributed shared object facilities. The Real Time Display and Mosaic viewer is a general, user extensible image viewer based on the existing Ximtool and SAOtng display software from NOAO and SAO\@. Companion papers describe the Mosaic data format and data reductions. Like IRAF itself, all of this software is portable and controller independent hence suitable for use by other observatories, particularly if they already use IRAF in the observing environment.
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