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Paper: Towards Optimal Analysis of HST Crowded Stellar Fields
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 431
Authors: Linde, Peter; Snel, Ralph
Abstract: A Nordic group is using the Hubble Space Telescope in a study of stellar populations in the Bar of the Large Magellanic Cloud. Through Stromgren uvby photometry, we determine ages, metallicities, and the luminosity function. We have designed and applied an exposure dithering pattern in order to decrease the effects of undersampling. This also enables a detailed study of detector properties, which is essential for accurate photometry. Careful studies of low level background features are presented. Algorithms developed to analyse the PSF shape reveal variation of this shape with position in the PC field. A comparison verifies improved photometric quality for dithered versus undithered images. The faint end of the luminosity function is studied through application of statistical techniques to very faint background fluctuations.
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