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Paper: CICADA, CCD and Instrument Control Software
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 385
Authors: Young, Peter J.; Brooks, Mick; Meatheringham, Stephen J.; Roberts, William H.
Abstract: Computerised Instrument Control and Data Acquisition (CICADA) is a software system for control of telescope instruments in a distributed computing environment. It is designed using object-oriented techniques and built with standard computing tools such as RPC, SysV IPC, Posix threads, Tcl, and GUI builders. The system is readily extensible to new instruments and currently supports the Astromed 3200 CCD controller and MSSSO's new tip-tilt system. Work is currently underway to provide support for the SDSU CCD controller and MSSSO's Double Beam Spectrograph. A core set of processes handle common communication and control tasks, while specific instruments are ``bolted'' on using C++ inheritance techniques.
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