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Paper: A Database-driven Cache Model for the DADS Optical Disk Archive
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 318
Authors: Comeau, T.; Park, V.
Abstract: The Data Archive and Distribution System (DADS) manages the Hubble Data Archive (HDA), a WORM Optical Disk Archive which contains over two terabytes of Hubble Space Telescope data. One fortunate side effect of retrievals from the HDA is that all retrieval requests are permanently logged in database tables. Queries against these tables provide a complete history of requests serviced by DADS\@. We describe a system which uses the database request logs as input to a flexible cache model. The model permits changes to the size of the cache, replacement strategy, and preloading the cache. We also discuss possible cache sizes and replacement strategies, and their effect on DADS performance in the post-SM97 system.
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