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Paper: Remote Access to the TYCHO Catalogue and the TYCHO Photometric Annex
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 278
Authors: Wicenec, A. J.
Abstract: The TYcho Catalogue (TYC) will contain astrometric and mean (de-censored) photometric data of some 1,058,000 objects. The TYC will be published in June 1997 together with all other Hipparcos mission products. The number of observations per object used to produce the TYC is 130 in the mean over the whole sky in the two bands B_T and V_T, making the TYC/TEPA one of the largest photometric databases in the world. For a total of about 500,000 objects, the brightest and some selected fainter objects, the single observations will be published in the so called Tycho Epoch Photometry Annex B (TEPA/B). This Annex will be available through the CDS in Strasbourg, France. A subset thereof, the TEPA/A, containing the observations of about 36,000 selected objects will be published on a CD-ROM. The measurements of the fainter 500,000 TYC stars are not considered to be of a quality to be published, because the errors and the censoring of the individual observations of the faint stars are too large. This paper presents an access and research tool for the TYC and the TEPA to be used locally with widget based GUIs or remotely by HTML-form based WWW-pages. * A complete description of the Hipparcos and Tycho Mission and data reduction may be found in (Perryman 1989), some more detailed papers on Tycho and Hipparcos in two series of papers from various authors in (aap 258, 1992 and aap 304, 1995
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