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Paper: The FITS List Calculator and Bulk Data Processor
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 266
Authors: Stobie, Elizabeth B.; Lytle, Dyer M.
Abstract: The FITS List Calculator and Bulk Data Processor (FLC) is an IDL program with a graphical user interface developed for processing large groups of Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) test data efficiently. The program is built around the simple concept of defining a new IDL variable type, the file list. Lists of files may be assembled with assigned variable names and displayed with sub-widgets. These variables may then be arguments to predefined functions and procedures in the main widget as well as IDL functions and procedures. They may also be used in arithmetic expressions. Images and arrays may be defined by direct loading or as the result of calculation. When processing is repetitive, scripts may be written to process many groups of data in exactly the same way.
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