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Paper: Using Massively Parallel Processing of a NLTE Spectrum Synthetic Code and an Automated Comparison with Observations to Determine the Properties of Type IA Supernovae from their Late Time Spectra.
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 226
Authors: Smareglia, R.; Mazzali, P. A.
Abstract: The nebular spectra of SNeIa can be used to determine the mass, density, and distribution of the SN ejecta, and the distance and reddening to the SN\@. Synthetic spectra can very rapidly be computed in NLTE and compared to the observed ones. Given the relatively large number of parameters, it is convenient to explore the parameter space in an automated form. The nebular spectrum synthesis code can be run in parallel on a workstation cluster. Each synthetic spectrum is immediately compared to the observed one. Exploration of the parameter space can be guided by the information available on some quantities (e.g., line width). The results for a few cases of ``normal'' and possibly peculiar SNeIa are presented and discussed.
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