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Paper: Asteroseismology---Observing for a SONG
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 190
Authors: Seaman, Rob; Pilachowski, Caty; Barden, Sam
Abstract: The Stellar Oscillations Network Group (SONG) seeks to study p-mode (acoustic) oscillations in solar type stars. These are difficult phenomena to detect due to the limited amplitude of the oscillations in integrated light. Success will require continuous observing sessions over many pulsation cycles, preferably with multiple telescopes staggered in longitude, similar to the GONG project. Such oscillations are best detected as a beat frequency relative to some very regular inertial observing cadence. The phase of the cadence must be maintained, both between widely separated telescopes and between observing sessions that may be separated by months. We discuss techniques to improve the observing efficiency and the likelihood of detection. Precisely identical data handling and reduction steps for tens or hundreds of thousands of spectra are critical to success.
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