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Paper: RoadRunner: an Automated Reduction System for Long Slit Spectroscopic Data
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 140
Authors: Tokarz, Susan P.; Roll, John
Abstract: Driven by a dramatic, almost five-fold, increase in data flow, we developed a system, RoadRunner (RoadRunner was named after a bird of that species who for a time lived near the 1.5 meter and was always a source of inspiration before a night's observing to one of the authors) for the automatic and rapid reduction of CCD two-dimensional long slit data taken at the 1.5 meter telescope at the Fred L. Whipple Observatory on Mt. Hopkins. The typical 70 to 100 observations made in an average night are now routinely reduced in a few hours the following day. The reduction process takes the data from raw two-dimensional images to one-dimensional wavelength calibrated spectra with measured redshifts which have been checked for accuracy. The reduced spectra are stored in an on-line archive and are entered into a relational database. Standardizing observing protocols proved to be a requirement for designing an automated reduction system. RoadRunner, which is based on IRAF data reduction routines, has many internal checks for errors and anomalies and produces a data set of high quality.
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