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Paper: IMAGER: A Parallel Interface to Spectral Line Processing
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 120
Authors: Roberts, Doug; Crutcher, Dick
Abstract: We report on the development and use of the IMAGER system at NCSA\@. IMAGER is an interface to parallel implementation of imaging and deconvolution tasks of the Software Development Environment (SDE) of the NRAO\@. The interface is based on the MIRIAD interface of the BIMA array and it allows for interactive and batch operation. The parallelization is carried out by distributing independent spectral line channels across multiple processors. The use of this system on the SGI Power Challenge array at NCSA is presented. For most problems, the speed-up with number of processors is nearly linear. We present results from our use of IMAGER on a data reduction of multiple-pointing BIMA observations of molecular gas around the ``Sickle'' near the Galactic center. We also report on the general use and timing results of this system at NCSA.
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