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Paper: FADS II: The Future of Astronomical Data-analysis Systems BoF Session
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 73
Authors: Noordam, J. E.
Abstract: The discussion about the future of astronomical data analysis systems is essentially boring, but nevertheless essential. There is a large measure of agreement that the key word is ``inter-operability,'' and that the future will look roughly like the Gaming Table of Figure \ref{noordamj.fig-1}. It is generally accepted that Distributed Objects will play a major role. But for inter-operability, ``universal'' binding mechanisms will be needed, along with agreed interfaces for things like images and tables. Despite the shining example of FITS, the astronomical community will probably not be able to generate and enforce those on its own. So, while waiting for standards like CORBA to emerge from industry over the next few years, projects like IRAF and AIPS++ are experimenting with the new concepts in various ways, and gathering experience. On the basis of this, they will be able to outline more detailed plans at FADS-III at ADASS VII.
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