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Paper: NOVIDAS and UVPROC II---Data Archive and Reduction System for Nobeyama Millimeter Array
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 50
Authors: Tsutsumi, T.; Morita, K.-I.; Umeyama, S.
Abstract: A workstation-based data archive and reduction software system is developed for the Nobeyama Millimeter Array (NMA). NOVIDAS is used for archiving the output data from the interferometer onto 8mm tapes. It also provides a search utility for the archived database. The calibration and reduction of the data are handled by UVPROC II\@. It uses the AIPS file system via a set of interface modules called vif library developed by us in order to make an easier transition from the calibration processing to further imaging and analysis using AIPS. Basic functions of the UVPROC II are: correcting bandpass characteristics and time variations of complex gains, correction of variations in system temperature due to atmosphere, subtraction of continuum from spectral data, data flagging, and flux scaling. A key concept for designing the software is that the system should be user-friendly. We adopted a GUI based on X-windows system with a menu-button feature for execution of commands and PGPLOT for graphical display. This allows users to examine the data quality visually and edit the data interactively. The vif library consists of simple fortran programs to open/close and read/write the AIPS files. Therefore it can also be used by users to develop their own codes for manipulating the AIPS data without calling the AIPS routines directly. The system currently runs on SUN-Solaris and will be ported to SGI-Irix with a disk array.
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