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Paper: Multiwave Continuum Data Reduction at RATAN-600
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 46
Authors: Verkhodanov, O. V.
Abstract: The RATAN-600 radio telescope allows us to carry out simultaneous multi-frequency observations using wide-band radiometers. Thus, we can account for the influence of the atmosphere using high frequency observations and the Galactic background using low frequencies, or observe instantaneous spectra of radio sources. Using these features a flexible astronomical data processing system (FADPS), operating on different UNIX platforms, was created. Methods of the FADPS construction are described. The system supports Gauss-fit analysis (to estimate parameters of sources and to decompose them into individual components), non-linear smoothing and averaging, background calculation and subtraction, interpolation, convolution, visualization using X-Windows and PostScript, and reading and writing of data in FITS format. FADPS commands may be executed directly in UNIX, in scripts, or using a special shell for our data processing system in the X-Window system. FADPS also operates on spectra of radio sources, recorded as FITS TABLE data. The system allows us to fit a spectrum by a set of curves with weighted spectral points, and to calculate spectral indices and fluxes. This system is connected to the CATS database, operated at the RATAN-600. Different stages of data reduction and results are shown in figures.
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