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Paper: The Galactic Formation Rate of Eccentric Neutron Star — White Dwarf Binaries
Volume: 328, Binary Radio Pulsars
Page: 261
Authors: Kalogera, V.; Kim, C.; Lorimer, D.R.; Ihm, M.; Belczynski, K.
Abstract: In this paper we consider the population of eccentric binaries with a neutron star and a white dwarf that has been revealed in our Galaxy in recent years through binary pulsar observations. We apply our statistical analysis method (Kim, Kalogera, & Lorimer 2003) and calculate the Galactic formation rate of these binaries empirically. We then compare our results with rate predictions based on binary population synthesis from various research groups and for various ranges of model input parameters. For our reference model, we find the Galactic formation rate of these eccentric systems to be ~ 7 Myr−1, about an order of magnitude smaller than results from binary evolution estimations. However, the empirical estimates are calculated with no correction for pulsar beaming, and therefore they should be taken as lower limits. Despite uncertainties that exceed an order of magnitude, there is significant overlap between the various rate estimates. This consistency lends confidence that our current understanding of the formation of these eccentric NS-WD binaries is reasonable.
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