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Paper: ARTHEMIS: The Archive Project for the IPM and THEMIS
Volume: 118, First Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference: Advances in the Physics of Sunspots
Page: 398
Authors: Reardon, K.; Severino, G.; Cauzzi, G.; Gomez, M. T.; Straus, T.; Russo, G.; Smaldone, G.; Marmolino, C.
Abstract: We describe the plan for ARTHEMIS, the italian archive for THEMIS, from the point of view of the prospective users of the archive. This archive is designed to store the data from the Italian Panoramic Monochromator (IPM) instrument installed on THEMIS as well as the full-disk images obtained by the telescope. We break the expected users down into seven categories: a) prospective IPM users; b) campaign planners; c) data analysts, d) external collaborators; e) instrument monitors, f) archival observers; and g) the general public.
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