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Paper: The IAC Solar Polarimeters: Goals and Review of Two Ongoing Projects
Volume: 118, First Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference: Advances in the Physics of Sunspots
Page: 366
Authors: Sanchez Almeida, J.; Collados, M.; Martinez Pillet, V.; Gonzalez Escalera, V.; Scharmer, G. B.; Shand, M.; Moll, L.; Joven, E.; Cruz, A.; Diaz, J. J.; Rodriguez, L. F.; Fuentes, J.; Jochum, L.; Paez, E.; Ronquillo, B.; Carranza, J. M.; Escudero-Sanz, I.
Abstract: The IAC is currently developing two similar polarimeters, one for optical wavelengths and one for near infra-red wavelengths (1.5 mu m). Both instruments will provide spectra of the four Stokes parameters over 2D solar regions. The visible spectro-polarimeter will be operated at the Swedish Tower (La Palma), and it is being developed in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. We intend to take advantage of the excellent seeing conditions at this telescope, while maintaining high polarimetric precision. The IR polarimeter is being designed for the German VTT (Tenerife) which has better angular resolution in the near infra-red. This report describes the goals and technical solutions. It also briefs on the current status of the projects.
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