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Paper: First Results from SOHO on Waves Near the Solar Transition Region
Volume: 118, First Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference: Advances in the Physics of Sunspots
Page: 284
Authors: Steffens, S.; Deubner, F.-L.; Fleck, B.; Wilhelm, K.; Schuhle, U.; Curdt, W.; Harrison, R.; Gurman, J.; Thompson, B. J.; Brekke, P.; Delaboudiniere, J.-P.; Lemaire, P.; Hessel, B.; Rutten, R. J.
Abstract: We present first results from simultaneous observations with the CDS, EIT and SUMER instruments {please see Solar Physics 162 (1995) for a description of the instruments} onboard SOHO and the VTT at Tenerife. Our aim is to study the wave propagation, shock formation, and transmission properties of the upper chromosphere and transition region. The preliminary results presented here include the variation of velocity power spectra with height, difference in power between internetwork and network regions, and variations in mean flows displayed by different spectral lines.
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