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Paper: Using Pulsars to Detect Black Hole Binaries in Globular Clusters
Volume: 328, Binary Radio Pulsars
Page: 225
Authors: Lommen, A.N.; Bilikova, J.; Jenet, F.A.; Zwart, S.P.; Stappers, B.W.
Abstract: We consider whether the postulated binary black holes in NGC 6752 (Colpi, Possenti, & Gualandris 2002) could be detected from the effect of their gravitational radiation on the known millisecond pulsars in that cluster. We conclude that the situation in NGC 6752 is not fortuitous for detecting gravitation waves if only "far-field" gravitational waves are considered. However, upon investigating the "near-field" we find that the detection probability dramatically increases for this and other clusters.
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