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Paper: A 20-cm Survey for Pulsars in Globular Clusters using the GBT and Arecibo
Volume: 328, Binary Radio Pulsars
Page: 199
Authors: Ransom, S.M.; Hessels, J.W.T.; Stairs, I.H.; Kaspi, V.M.; Freire, P.C.; Backer, D.C.
Abstract: We have been conducting deep searches at ~20 cm of >30 globular clusters (GCs) using the 305-m Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico and the 100- m Green Bank telescope (GBT) in West Virginia. With roughly 80% of our search data analyzed, we have confirmed 13 new millisecond pulsars (MSPs), 12 of which are in binary systems, and at least three of which eclipse. We currently have timing solutions for five of these systems and basic orbital and spin parameters for six others.
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