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Paper: A Hare-brained Scheme to Explain the Intensity Variations in J0737-3039B
Volume: 328, Binary Radio Pulsars
Page: 91
Authors: Jenet, F.A.; Ransom, S.M.
Abstract: The recently discovered double pulsar system PSR J0737−3039 will provide fascinating insights into pulsar emission physics. One extraordinary phenomenon involves the orbital phase dependent intensity variations of the slow pulsar PSR J0737−3039B. These variations can be described using a simple geometric model based on a standard pulsar emission geometry together with the assumption that the intensity of PSR J0737−3039B increases substantially when it is illuminated by the emission beam from PSR J0737−3039A. In the context of this model, the observed properties of this system can constrain the spin axis and emission geometry of the millisecond pulsar PSR J0737−3039A. This model also predicts the future evolution of both the pulse profile of PSR J0737−3039A and the orbital light curve of PSR J0737−3039B thus enabling it to be tested by observations over the next few years.
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