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Paper: Improvement of Spectroscopic Binary Star Orbits Through the Use of Spectral Disentangling
Volume: 318, Spectroscopically and Spatially Resolving the Components of Close Binary Stars
Page: 95
Authors: Holmgren, D.E.
Abstract: A review of orbit improvement for spectroscopic and eclipsing binary stars is presented. Specifically, capabilities for orbital and line profile analyses of these systems using the KOREL disentangling program (Hadrava 1995; 1997) are discussed. After a short literature review, criteria and possible paths for orbital improvement are presented, namely a procedure for including visual data in a disentangling solution, along with possible optimization algorithms. A solution “template”, based on the study of V578 Mon by Hensberge et al. (2000), is presented. Analyses of specific systems are presented, showing explicitly how disentangling has resulted in improved orbits and a better general understanding of each system. Comparisons with more traditional methods such as cross-correlation are made for this purpose.
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